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Sylvia knocks Kara out
This is the next (last?) picture of Kara and me.
Our little fight lasted longer than I had expected.
Some people are too stubborn to realize that they can't win.
Sylvia versus Kara by SylviaShadow Sylvia absorbs a mighty blow by SylviaShadow

Greetings and thanks to Altecocker and MajorO for their kind notes! :kiss:
MajorO: your Dark Supergirl looks fantastic :)
Altecocker: thank you so much for your never ending support :D
Sylvia likes playing doctor
After Halloween I feel like dressing up.
It's great fun to masquerade as someone else.
I did it a lot when I was a little girl and I still like to do it as a grown-up.

There are a few simple tricks so you will not be recognized:
A) wear glasses (what does work for Kal-El will also work for you)
B) tie your long hair back to a neat bun
C) carry an object with you that identifies yourself as a member of a professional group

If you follow these simple tips, the world will be open to you :)
Sylvia switches witches
Every year there are the same old questions.
What do I wear on Halloween?
Which well known figure do I try to impersonate?
Will I be late again?

This time I already have made a decision.
I will dress myself up as one of the witches of the Wizard of Oz.
But which witch will it be? Glinda the Good or the Wicked Witch of the West?

Soon I had found out that I am able to switch between the two characters in a fraction of a second without burning the costumes due to friction.
That's when an idea occured to me: I could impersonate both witches at the same time!

The human spectator can only see about 25 pictures per second.
That means I have less than 0.04 seconds to switch from the good witch to the bad witch and back.
That's really no problem for someone as fast as the Flash.
And as long as the costumes withstand the stress everthing will look fine.
Halloween here I come ... :)

Happy Halloween everyone! :D

Note: In the picture you can see the blur between the two witches, but that's only because I wanted to show you a change of costumes in slow motion. ;)

let me tell you something more about me.

My name is Shyla Kor-Onn and like Superman and Supergirl I was born on my home planet Krypton under a beautiful red sun.

Today I have adopted a secret identity.  I'm living on planet earth where everybody is calling me Sylvia Shadow. And in the shadow I stay unrecognized by friends or foes! They are unaware of my true origin.

But times are changing and so do I. I've choosen DeviantART as the platform to share some of my memories with you. Read my story and watch my "art". I hope you enjoy...

 When I grew up on Krypton I always wanted to be one of the best. I had an indescribable longing for recognition. So I started to study rocket science and soon became one of the leading geniuses of the whole planet.
But this wasn't enough for my ego. I wanted more and more and more...
In the end an experiment of mine went totally wrong and an innocent bystander came to death. They sentenced me to 30 years in the Phantom Zone and so I was banned from my home planet.
When Krypton had exploded a few years later it became more then obvious that I could never again come home. So I began to think about an escape plan. When the time was right and the circumstances were matching perfectly I took my chance.
I could escape from the phantom zone when during an airforce test flight an interdimensional hole was accidently opened.

Next time I will tell you what I 've done since then and I will tell you more about my secret identity "Sylvia Shadow" and how I met Supergirl for the first time!

I hope you stay connected...
Your Shyla aka Sylvia Shadow

  • Listening to: birds in the sky
  • Reading: other people's journal entries
  • Watching: other people's deviantArt
  • Playing: a game called "LIFE"
  • Eating: I don't have to
  • Drinking: I don't need to


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Sylvia Shadow
I am an alien woman from a far away planet with a dark red sun. Here on earth I have accumulated an unbelievable amount of power under this warm yellow sun. Now I will start to test my newfound strength...


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Fempowerment2020 Featured By Owner 6 days ago  New Deviant Hobbyist Digital Artist
Cool page! :)
Well, vast intellect and insight are mental powers. Considering you are a super kryptonian, you should have beyond a 12th level intellect.
Yes I am a hero of the highway. I deliver construction materials that are building and modernizing the state of Colorado.
hamad7712 Featured By Owner Dec 2, 2016
It's nice to see female like you who like to be super strong in her imagination i like your type a lot more than any fbb i like to share my thoughts with someone like you
bloodhound570 Featured By Owner Sep 17, 2016

I wouldn't mind seeing you take the place of Wonder Woman in some of my latest pics. It'd be an interesting comparison to see how you fare.

If I had to guess, I'd say pretty damn well :)
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